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Brad Walton
Brad Walton

This site has been established to enrich your programming and for your broadcast convenience. After over 35 years in broadcasting, I am well aware of the need for good quality programming and fill material.

These are changing times in the broadcast and publishing industry. Author Radio is a cost effective solution to supplement your programming needs and schedule.

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Tree Spirited Woman

Tree Spirited Woman by Colleen Baldrica

Tree Spirited Woman is a story of spiritual awakening and life enrichment. Colleen Moran Baldrica is an official Chippewa (Ojibwe) Tribe member of the Pembina Band, from the White Earth Reservation in Northern Minnesota. She has worked for more than 28 years in public education, and holds advanced degrees with an emphasis in School Counseling.

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Common Sense for Common Good

Common Sense for Common Good by Karen Olson Johnson

The paradigm shift is happening. With our instant technological capabilities to connect around the world, is also coming a parallel understanding of how interconnected we are as inhabitants of this planet. There is nothing that is done halfway around the world that doesn’t affect us right here. This realization propels us into the question of just what kind of world do we want to live in. A world of those with and those without, unpeaceful and filled with angst, or a world of common sense realities predicated on common good. We live in a global time of decision. We live with the power to claim our future.

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The Beatles, The Bible and Bodega Bay

The Beatles, The Bible and Bodega Bay by Ken Mansfield

A simple young man from the Indian reservation lands in Northern Idaho Ken found himself propelled into the center of a rock and roll whirlwind when the Beatles asked him to be the US Manager of their Apple Record label as well as acting as their personal liaison between the UK and the US. When the Beatles breakup seemed inevitable he moved on to become a Vice President at MGM Records and then President of a CBS label owned by Andy Williams.

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The White Book

The White Book by Ken Mansfield

Ken Mansfield has experienced a life that most people have only read about. He was in the heart and heat of the music industry when it was young and vibrant---back when creativity and passion made the music. Beginning with being the leader of the successful southern California folk group “The Town Criers” he graduated to becoming a top music industry executive and producer in Hollywood and Nashville.

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